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Soho Research Project


Wimbledon College of Art - Exhibition Space


MA Theatre Design - April 2014


This piece researched the characters and lives of the community of Soho, London.


Finally focussing on Walker’s Court, a corridor was constructed that invited the public to walk down and learn about the interwoven lives of its inhabitants. At the end, a sectioned off area enabled people to listen on headphones to a collection of recorded voices from the local community. From a local Conservative Councillor to a Romanian sex worker, their voices were heard.

As a former Soho inhabitant myself I was fascinated by those who had lived there over the years including my Aunt and Uncle.

I also researched some of the Brothel closures that were happening in the area alongside major development proposals from property developers. I went to Isleworth Crown Court with the English Collective of Prostitutes and drew some of the scenes that I witnessed there.

I was fascinated by the complicated story that was unfolding on my door step in Walker's Court.

Here are ideas I had, which experimented with  all the research I had accumilated during the project to make an installation:

Wimbledon College of Art Exhibition Space


External and Internal shots of the installation  


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