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Costume Designer for

The London School of Samba at The Notting Hill Carnival  - Gods, Myths and Monsters 


The London School of Samba hired me as the principal costume designer for their troop’s ‘Gods, Myths and Monsters’ themed parade at the 2010 Notting Hill Carnival. Together with an amazing team of makers, I worked hard to produce costumes that were easy to replicate for workshops, cost effective, robust and visually striking.




 The  Passistas  as  Amazon Warrior Women

The Comissao de frente as the Greek Tragedy

The Baianas as the Greek Urns

Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira – God of the Sun Goddess of the Moon

All female Ala as The Harpies

The Bateria as The Spartans

Back Stage Highlights

Photos by Rosey Trickett

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