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Set and Costume Designer  for

Phoenix a Girl on Fire 


Performed by members of  The Big House Theatre 

 at Hackney Down Studios


Directed by Maggie Norris

Lighting by Joshua Carr

Written by Andrew Day

Photos by Orlando Gili


“(Phoenix) sizzles with energy …this is a pulsating, angry show that should make us angry, too, about the way we let down those who most deserve our care.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian




The Big House works with young people who have been through the care system and are finding life difficult. [They] provide a platform for them to participate in the making of theatre and to have their voices heard.’ (The Big House Website)


Below are extracts from my portfolio pages showing my research and sketches that I developed during the production alongside 

photos of the actual play:



Experimentation with colour ways for the 'racing track' in the space:

Ground Plan of the space:

Another page from my portfolio of  'Design Development' for the walls in the space which looked at resolving an acoustic problem aesthetically:


‘Written by Andrew Day from the lives and words of the cast, this drama draws out the raw and bitter truth, and the hard road to a hopeful future.’ (The Big House Website)

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