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Set + Costume Designer for


Clean Break Theatre

Directed by Anne Langford

Assistant Director River

Written by River and Carys Wright

Lighting by Crn Claxton

Performed by

Sandrine’s Uwayo

Daisy Bartle

Carys Wright

Dominique Wood Whyte

Chelsea Ives

Posy Sterling

About the Production:

‘Esther, Frankie a Shiloh don’t know each other. Their lives are very different and they don’t have any mutual friends.

They have something in common - sometimes they feel utterly alone.

This dynamic new play explores youth loneliness in London.

Filled with hope, longing and lyricism, this is an unmissable theatrical debut from a vibrant young company.’

Performed at The Lyric Hammersmith and The Arcola


Set Design Notes

A key part of my working practice is making sure that I align my ethics with how I make and design theatre productions. For Belong myself and Anne Langford decided to hire a set piece from Coal Theatre who had created a scaffold structure for their Fragility of  X   show.  Using a model box Anne and I were able to discuss movement and staging, finding that this set piece worked perfectly to create a fluid space for a multitude of scenes.


Model of Coal Theatre's Fragility of X 


Costume Inspiration and Colour Experimentation 

Belong was created as part of the Co-Op Foundation funded Youth Loneliness Project.

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