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Headpiece created for The Queen of Hearts in

Alice's Adventures Underground

Directed and Written by: Les Enfants Terribles

Performed at: The Vaults 

Designed by: Samuel Wyer

I was commissioned to create a headpiece for The Queen of Hearts for Les Enfants Terribles's adaptions of Lewis Caroll's famous novel. It was to be worn by 5 different performers and withstand many performances over a 6 month period. It had to be light, durable and have a strong visual impact.

Photos By Rah Petherbridge:

Designs and Sketches by Samuel Wyer:

Here are some photos of the construction and making process. Several prototypes were made in order to get the exact shape and fit. Once the base was completed there was a lot of hand stitching and fabric manipulation to get the Headpiece just right.

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